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I was in the crowd the day that Jesus died

And as He hung upon that cross, His mother cried I saw the crown of thorns He wore The stripes on His back The water and the blood ran out And then the sky turned black My mind was filled with anger My heart filled with shame The man brought only healing Well who could bring Him pain Why does it seem the strong They always victimize the weak And suddenly I found myself Standing to my feet

And I cried Who nailed Him there?This Child of peace and mercy Who nailed Him there?Come and face me like a man Who nailed Him there?And the crowd began to mock me I cried Oh my God I just don’t understand Then I turned and saw the hammer In my hand.

I am just a Roman soldier An ordinary man I love my wife and children I do the best I can But how could I have killed Him There must be someone else I got to find an answer I can’t blame myself

I nailed Him there This Child of peace and mercy I nailed Him there I am the guilty manI nailed Him there With my sins and my transgressions I cried Oh my God, now I understand When I turned and saw the hammer In my hands.